In 2009, I was asked to help design the set for the pilot of Jenny McCarthy’s new talk show here in Los Angeles.

The show was originally to be aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Jenny had taken a huge chance by creating her own pilot show to present to the OWN Network. In order to do this, she chose to bring on board her own creative crew and we all had to do it on an extremely thin shoe string budget!

So four years later, in honor of Jenny McCarthy’s premiere tonight of her new talk show on VH1 (being filmed in New York), I would like to share some photos from her original talk show pilot that up until now, I have not been at liberty to share with the public.

Jenny came to me with this 3D paper model she so proudly created and said she wanted a modern, sleek and sexy look, with images of LA in the background.

She also wanted bright red accents and furniture with a high gloss flooring in white, which would no doubt, be a challenge!

The amazing stage crew are working hard!

Jenny McCarthy and her team working overtime.

Originally, Jenny wanted the set to be in red and white. I later suggested we change the color scheme to blue and white. She agreed…it was still sexy!

When I replaced the regular light bulbs with energy saver blue bulbs in the Mid Century Modern Nelson Lamps, they seemed to show better on camera.

I found these super cool vintage chrome bar stools with white leather seats to fit around Jenny’s modern custom built desk.  This is where her guests would sit.  The light boxes in the background with smaller images of LA, was a last minute decision after we couldn’t get the larger backdrop of LA that we had originally planned on.

The high gloss floors actually worked, but we all had to tread carefully and make sure we were wearing (clean) socks, or slippers!

The extra-large abstract painting, by local artist Christine Wilson, was not only the perfect size for this wall, but it was the perfect combination of modern and feminine…Just like Jenny!

Jenny with her sister and make-up artist, JoJo McCarthy.

Jenny was smart, funny and clever.

She had us cracking up all the time!

Jenny did a few comedy skits for the show.  In this one, she is baking with Darth Vader. 

"That's a wrap!" On our last day with great support from Jim Carey.

Working with Jenny was always a fun delight and all of us at MUSH wish her continued success with her new show.