As we enter the final stretch for this year's Holiday shopping bombarded with ever changing pandemic restrictions and regulations, Michelle spoke with Brenda Rees with The Eastsider about ingenious solutions we have come up with to retain a portion of the walk-in traffic into our retail shop in Silver Lake this December.

Here is a digest of Michelle's interview with Brenda Rees from The Eastsider:

“We just want to get through the holidays in one piece” -- Retailers from Eagle Rock to Silver Lake react to the latest pandemic restrictions

By Brenda Rees Dec 1, 2020


"Setting appointments

Customers can have a private shopping experience at Mush in Silver Lake, a gift store that features new and vintage items. Shoppers can set up a time either before or after regular hours, pay $25 to hold a space and apply that money toward their purchase.

"It’s been working out well,” says co-owner Michelle van der Heijden, who explained the idea came from older clientele who “didn’t want the risk of being around so many other shoppers.”

“We are a gift shop and people come here ready to buy,” explains van der Heijden, who adds that popular items this year are jewelry, puzzles and crystals, especially those that promote calming, protection and abundance.

“Crystals are popular because it’s a way many of us are hanging onto some kind of hope,” she says."

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